Bellevue village council member hannah coy Makes a legal perdiction?

Bellevue Michigan Village Council Member Hannah CoyMay 17, 2012

Hannah is not coy when it comes to her perceived expertise in legal matters. No, our favorite member of the Bellevue Village Council seems to think she has the inside when it comes to what courts will do; and she is making a prediction on the case of Michael Terpening as the case comes up for a motion hearing next week.

Will the court toss the case because of alleged prosecutorial misconduct?

Let's add a few facts. Defense lawyers toss everything they cal at the wall, Hannah. Usually it falls flat. We saw the recent motion to remove the guardian ad litem appointed to represent the children of Michael Terpening in the neglect case fall flat.

First, the prosecutors removed themselves from the case. Second, they've denied the allegations Terpening has made. As it stands these are allegations, not proven facts.

And does Hannah really believe prosecutorial misconduct is going to get Mike off? Will a court of law just drop this case? How is that justice?

In America, we do not give passes to accused criminals even when prosecutors screw up, Hannah. We fix problems and then bring defendant's to trial. The issue is not how evil Mike Terpening and his merry band of Followers portray the prosecution, the issue is whether or not Michael Terpening committed sex offenses against young men.

Sadly we've seen how Hannah Coy blows off facts in her recent exchange with this writer on Facebook.

There are issues to resolve and the People of the State of Michigan by and through their Attorney General demand Michael Terpening be brought before the Bar of Justice and stand trial and accept the judgment of a jury of his peers. There is no more weaseling out of facing justice for Michael Terpening.