Revenge on Jen, former follower fails...

Judge Amy McDowell heard the motion for a gag order in Barry County Circuit Court February 2, 2012 granting the prosecutor's motion for a gag order in the criminal cases of Michael Terpening. Reporting from the Hastings Banner quoted the assistant prosecutor as arguing, "�Why would any victim come forward, especially in a case with two counts of CSC first [first degree criminal sexual conduct]?� asked Payne. �Why would any victim or witness who has any information come forward when they will see their name and police report on the news monitor? Immediately there were messages posted on the Internet attacking this victim.�

The Banner report also quotes the assistant prosecutor as saying, "She stated Terpening gave an interview to a reporter from the Village ThinkerTerpening Gag Order Granted

 and said things which are inaccurate, and said evidence has been discussed on the Internet."

This website has done significant reporting on the self named, "Village Thinker" also known as Laura Adams who not only quotes Terpening, but Adams fully names one witness in the case and releases information from the young man's Department of Human Resources case file. Adams attributes the information published to Michael Terpening. The release of such information, if the information is true, would be a violation of federal and state privacy laws. Such information can only be used in the treatment of young people under the jurisdiction of the Family Court.

McDowell placed the gag order on all parties and agents of the parties. The  judge ordered there is not to be any identification of the victims, and their names are not to be released. There will not be a release of any images or photos of the victims consistent with the Freedom of Information Act.

Clearly, this ruling is directed at Michael Terpening and the Terpening Followers who've named victims on a number of occasions or named victims through surrogates.

Judge McDowell issued her order while warning, "�Mr. Terpening is not going to take something having to do with the witness, discuss it with Judith Faye for example, and have her go out and talk about it.� 

This website refrained from repeating the post on the so-called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page when it appeared February 1, 2012 at 1:57pm, "Breaking News: The gag order was not granted by the judge in the case." As yet, we cannot determine the purpose this post appeared as the Hastings Banner reported the hearing took place the following day, February 2, 2012.

The Facebook post, as seen above, does accurately report the prosecution can no longer speak to the media, but this was at the prosecutor's request and the judge, in setting forth her order, clearly gives an example directed at Mr. Terpening, not the prosecution. While it is true the prosecution has spoken to the media, we are unaware of any occasion in which they actually address any specifics in the Terpening cases.

February 9, 2012 Hastings Banner- Terpening case receives gag order