abuse victims telling the public who to believe? and we are to believe the guy arrested is innocent?

Michael Terpening has quite a team working the web defending him. Jamie Moore Bell is married to a man arrested for felony assault charges and  has been the subject of a personal protection order. Jennifer readily admits being a victim of abuse and Katie Rucinski went on Facebook to share the horrors she claims she's suffered. Susan Ward Gillihan
once sought a personal protection order, but a court ultimately denied the request.

In real life it's not always clear. Victims often push buttons or engage in passive aggressive provocation in order to get control, if only temporarily. Abusers can be vulnerable people, themselves, victims who've learned techniques from their abuser.

Beznokska McLeod, claims to be an abuse victim advocate, arguing victims should be trained to defend themselves. Victim advocates, in recognized organizations, say this is horrible advice. Victims who plan a defense can find themselves facing serious criminal charges when a situation they thought they could control gets out of control.

Victim advocates have two words for victims of domestic abuse, "Get out." Jennifer's  advice works best to prepare people for stranger attacks while putting victims of domestic abuse at greater risk to be hurt by their perpetrator or for arrest.

Jamie Moore Bell would find it hard getting a job in a child welfare agency. Jamie's abusive nature and lack of education would preclude her working with troubled kids. Jennifer, a two time drunk driver, similarly is not a prime volunteer to advise young people needing successful mentors.

Victims become accustomed to authority managing their lives, whether it is the abuser setting limits with punishment or law enforcement temporarily removing, or warning their abuser. Many times a call to the police gives a respite of a few days. Sadly, when a human being is isolated from the wider society he or she often settles for a few days rather than seeking permanent separation from their abuser. Like a drug and alcohol addiction, victims of abuse think they need their abuser. Too often they don't leave.

And being a Follower of Mike Terpening is a choice allowing people with few options the chance to be leaders, it was the chance to get on television and speak their minds...So long as their minds are in line with Mike's goals.