learning the basics of sex offender behaviors...and mike terpening.

The Mid Valley Woman's Crisis Center webpage, "In the mind of the sexual offender"  provides clear information showing how the sexual predator works his sick craft. In this story, we'll explore the mind of the sexual predator against the public behavior we see in Michael Terpening. We will first quote the Mid Valley story, then follow up with a discussion.


The sexual offender uses lies to control the information available and therefore to control the situation. The sexual offender also may use lying to keep other people, including his victim, off-balance psychologically. For example, he tries to appear truthful when he's lying, he tries to look deceitful even when he's telling the truth, and sometimes he reveals himself in an obvious lie. Lying A sex predator's trait

How do the Terpening Followers explain the repeated post, on the right,  found on the Justice for Michael Terpening facebook page? Not that, we mind, traffic comes to the site when it is posted; but the Followers don't see this as blatant effort to control information by lying?

How interesting, as he has telling us his Facebook has been repeatedly hacked, that Terpening's actions could be seen as somewhat truthful, but is it truthful, or is Mr. Terpening using the general ignorance of the Followers to convince them some danger actually exists should they visit our website?

Has he revealed himself in the obvious lie?

Making Fools Of Others

The sexual offender combines tactics to manipulate others. The tactics include lying, upsetting the other person just to watch his or her reactions, and encouraging fights between or among others. Or, he may try to charm the person he wants to manipulate, pretending a lot of interest or concern for that person in order to get on her or his good side.

The local prosecutor is accused of corruption, an assistant prosecutor accused of criminal misconduct, alleged victim's confidential case information from their stay with Michael Terpening, along with their names is released to the public and attributed to Michael Terpening. Each alleged victim is dismissed for having a criminal background. A story of a pattern of late filings by the prosectors's office, unrelated to this case, is presented as corruption...

Encouraging the casual observer to believe he is a victim of criminals and corrupt officials has worked with the Followers, but will making fools of his accusers really work?

Drama And Excitement

"Sexual offenders make the choice not to have close relationships with other people. They substitute drama and excitement for closeness. Offenders find it exciting to watch others get angry, get into fights, or be in a state of general uproar. Often, they will use a combination of tactics described earlier to set up a dramatic and exciting situation."

Some will seize on Terpening's marriage...His marriage to a woman only 25 years old now with 8 children. A close relationship? Possibly, but if this man is a predator it should not be forgotten Mrs. Terpening could be the biggest victim of Michael Terpening, of all. Consider this post, found everyday on his facebook page until this writer pointed out its self-centered nature and Terpening removed the obviously cut and paste daily post:

"Nearly 7 months ago our family was tourn appart by CPS workers. I see my children 1 day a week for 1 hour. I have 8 beautiful children. 5 are a sibling group we adopted and 3 are our bio children. I have only seen my 3 month old child a handful of times. It kills me to leave my children when they cry for me. They do not get the stories every night, picking them up when they fall or just having the.....................ir dad near. This all has happoned because false allogation FROM MY WORK! I beg you, PLEASE read and sign the PETITION and pass on. If 100 of you singed and passed on to 3 friends and they singed you would be making a huge difference! This is not just happening to me. There are man cases like this all over the US. Please, sign for our family! God Bless you all!"

 "I see my children...", "I have only...", "It kills me...:", "This is not just happening to me.", "There are (sic) man cases like this all over the US." Other than the reference to his kids missing story time, Terpening's appeal centers on Terpening. Unbelievably, it does not account for the horror life must be for his 25 year old wife facing her husband possibly going to prison, the financial strain of her having to be a single mom, and the utter upturning of the lives of their children.

Back to the point...In the Followers and on posts on facebook we see not only drama and excitement being encouraged, but it is repeated and repeated and repeated. The Followers shout liar at alleged witnesses coming to testify against Terpening outside a court room. We see Terpening's aunt sticking her tongue out...and Michael Terpening is silent.

Terpening appears on television to discuss his son's arrest on sexual assault charges and reveals his child's IQ and highly personal information. To what end? Many would see this as incredibly harmful to his son, this writer cannot fathom any legitimate reason, any father, would go on television and reveal what was revealed.

Can any of this do anything other than to keep his Followers hyped up? Don't the actions of Michael Terpening just keep the drama going?

Final thought