Fire at Michael terpening owned home

The morning of February 7, 2012 saw one of Mr. Terpening's properties burned. The alleged insurance fraudster also accused of molesting five boys in the care of Earth Services, made no comment, except on his so-called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page where only a link was provided to the story on WWMT (See below).

Michael Terpening House burns.htmIn a what's become typical for followers of Mr. Terpening, we see conspiracy  suggesting arson by the government, and Mary Pierce, apparently already having done the addition seems to know the fires does not add up so it must be Barry County setting fires.

Cassandra Reid wonders if the fire was a government set up, before offering her prayers for Terpening and his family.

The Facebook comments you are seeing to the left, were removed from the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook pages sometime between 12:24pm and 2:37PM, February 8, 2012.

What gives, Mike?

UPDATE 2/12/2012

The story takes a weird turn as we confirm the property was not, "formally" owned by Michael Terpening. It is possible Terpening holds the property through a land contract.

However, Kim Tungate, who comments to the left is Terpening's mother, reports Terpening's sister lived the home. Tungate does not refer to actual ownership of the home and Barry County online records do not list a family member of Michael Terpening as the owner of the property.

UPDATE 2/14/2012

Once again, this writer takes a call from the Barry County Sheriff's Department. It seems a resident of the home is upset there is a picture of the burned property.

Let's be clear, as anyone can see to the left, it is Kim Tungate, who actually tells us it is Michael Terpening's sister. The sister is not named in the website story. While a name may be given by a person commenting on this site, the fact remains that Mrs. Tungate who first confirms the Terpening connection. Then Sara in her third post backs up the information with a name in the last post.

The Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page is available for anyone on planet Earth to read if they have access to the internet.

Information gathered by this website is done so, legally. No one is threatened, no one need feel threatened. However, to curtail free speech because someone does not like being talked about is unacceptable. Click here to read the statement regarding law enforcement!

Update 2/26/ 2012

Follower, Jamie Moore Bell, criticizes this website on a blog, "On his Anti-Shrine (referring to this website) he says the photo of the house that

 burned was from news coverage..yet on the police report the photo was taken by a former close friend."

This website has not requested a copy of the police report made by Mr. Terpening's sister, the resident of the home that burned. The website cannot speak to the accuracy of the report, or for that matter, to the accuracy of what Jamie Moore Bell is says is in the report.

However, what was reported to the Barry County Sheriff's Department is the picture was taken by a, then,new friend who is a member of the Terpening family who happened to be in the area to take the picture.

The other point made to law enforcement is any newspaper or other media regularly takes pictures of burned properties and the practice is entirely legal requiring no permission. The media has no special legal privilege to take pictures, we all have the same rights and obligations. The unedited image was voluntarily added to this page so the resident would know the property was not entered, which she expressed as a concern to law enforcement.

Ms. Moore Bell's comments, though, once again skip the bigger question. How does Michael have control of this property owned by an elderly widow with no land contract, mortgage or deed?

Click here to see the full original picture of the burned home!