the count of alleged victims of mike terpening

Michael Terpening, the Victim CountMay 18, 2012

Sex offenders, as with all abusers are about power and control. To understand a sex true sex offender once does not look to the acting out behavior, one looks behind the behavior to see if a suspected offender is engages in acts tending to assert power and control.

The family court case is entirely separate from the pending criminal trial. Termination of parental rights is a civil case and the standards of evidence allow a fuller picture of the allegations and accusations against Michael Terpening over time.

Two of the eleven victims know each other.

Mike, you have some questions to answer...

  1. May 11, 2011- 17 year old Kalamzoo County court ward.
  2. 2011- Repeated harassed and offered money to an adult male employee for sexual acts
  3. Late 2010 through early 2011- Sexual contact with 17 year old ward of Alcona County
  4. Later 2010- early 2011 unconsented sexual contact with two probationers who were doing court ordered community service at Earth Services
  5. 2009-201 sexual contact with 15 year old ward of Barry County
  6. 2008-2009 school year sexual solicitation of 17 year old
  7. 2003 sexual contact with 17 year old Calhoun County ward
  8. 1999-2000 sexual contact with child 9-10 years old
  9. 1997 sexual contact with relative 13 year old cousin. Mother called police, refused to pursue
  10. 1995 sexual contact with 13-14 year foster child of a relative