Coopeting the michigan for parental rights event  after the relationship with terpening was ended...and a party?

July 27, 2012

Michael Terpening developed quite a relationship with Michigan for Parental Rights following his arrests for sexually abusing boysTerpening CPS corruption from 10-17. A number of professional videos were produced staring Terpening Followers being asked questions by Judith Faye, someone who purports to be a child advocate. Terpening Followers signed up and used the Michigan for Parental Rights website to promote their story while also discrediting and naming victims.

Following Terpening's arrest for bond violations the organization cut all ties with the Terpening case removing the videos and closing out the member pages the Terpening Followers created on the organizations website.

This week the so called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page began promoting the arrival of an attorney doing work on problems in the child welfare system, even sharing the motel room and phone number.

The only problem? The information is not about Michael Terpening and people standing up for the alleged victimization of Terpening's family. The information is about the leaders of the Michigan for Parental Rights organization plagiarized from the organization's Facebook page by  Terpening and his cult like Followers.

What is weird is the comment they wrote themselves, "Huge party planned in Grand Rapids, Mich for the filming." One can only wonder what Michael Terpening and his followers will designate as the reason for the party? The eleven victims prosecutors allege he's molested since 1995? The lives this man is alleged to have wrecked? The eight children who may lose their father?

Michigan Parental Rights dropped Terpening when it was clear he was not honest with them and it was found out he was hanging out with a witness and kids in violation of his bond conditions. While Michigan Parental Rights occupies what many see as a fringe, they certainly serve a purpose of holding authorities to account for their actions; something this website supports.

However, the Terpening case is not really a story of child protective services being out of control. It is a story of a man who was arrested for abusing other kids. In Michigan the law is clear, if you hurt other people's kids and it's proven you will lose your own kids.

The Terpening Followers used to be fond of pointing out there are no allegations of abuse within the Terpening family, which includes five adopted siblings. What they did not share was two of the kids in the family have acted out sexually in school, and one was investigated by authorities for sexual acting out involving as many as 30 kids in his school. Charges in the case were dropped when it was determined the child's disability made it impossible to take the case to trial. This did not stop Terpening from using the incident to what he thought was his own adantage.

This is not a case of child protective services going overboard, it is a case of protecting children from someone who stands accused of serious sex charges.