Plea offer to get mike terpening?

From WWMT, "In December, Terpening's son was charged with 6 counts of assault and 2 counts of 4th degree criminal sexual conduct for his behavior at school. Students reported that Terpening's son touched them and spoke to them, often, in threatening and vulgar terms." WWMT reported the state police found some thirty kids at the school of Terpening's school complaining of the child's behavior over a period of years.

In fairness the report, also, reports on strange behavior by a teacher who asked kids in a classroom to raise their hands if they had problems with the now 12 year old child. Given the allegations Terpening has made against the police and prosecutors, it shows the state police did an investigation including all the facts, and they deserve credit for reporting on what this teacher did as not being, "anti-Terpening" and this being all about Mike.

This story says the child was charged with 6 counts of assault and 2 counts of 4th degree criminal sexual conduct.

Terpening claims in the WWMT story his son was charged to force him into a plea deal. Terpening does not say any deal was offered, or offer what the terms of any deal would have been. Mr. Terpening previously alleged plea deals were offered, in this case.

The question WWMT forgot to cover was, regardless of the child's issues, just how long did anyone expect the parents to put up with the acting out going on in the child's school? 30 kids and problems over a period of years? No one was going to do anything? There should have been some serious behavior management plan instituted because one student's  issues cannot be inflicted on other students regardless of his disabilities.

The school has some questions to answer and so does Mike...Where did the child learn this behavior, Mike?