takedown that recant video, mike! 

Susan Ward GillihanThe formerly recanting witness originally posted his Terpening Follower filmed recant video on his Youtube site. After he removed from his Youtube site, Susan Ward Gillihan and Jamie Moore Bell created a new youtube site called, "Johnson Bubbles" to repost the video themselves. One can hardly ignore the bizarre old timer phallic term, "Johnson" in their naming of the youtube site, perhaps another example of the Terpening Followers adding their own perceived clever references to their work.

The video was a team effort by Terpening Followers, Jamie, Susan and former Follower, Jen; all three were sitting in the car as the video was filmed; Susan and Jamie retain the original copy of the video.

Following Terpening's recent arrest on bond violations the recanting witness asked Susan Ward Gillihan to remove the video.

She refused. The kid was appeared in court helping to jail Terpening and getting his bond raised while imposing more stringent terms on his being free pending trial on more than a dozen criminal counts of sexual abuse of young people.

Susan Ward GillihanStrangely, Ward Gillihan posts on one of her blogs the idea young people are to be exempt from criticism in this case due to their age. The images on this page refer to critism of self proclaimed Terpening Follower, Katie Rucinski. Yet, will Mike Terpening ask his good Follower, Susan to apply her values to the recanting witness? Will he demand she apply her values to another witness named in the recant, by first, middle and last name twice in the first minute of the recant video?

The two young men named in the video are not for Michael Terpening and his Terpening Followers to punish for all time. It is time to do the right thing and remove the video voluntarily.

Is there any chance Mike Terpening will do the right thing? This writer hopes Terpening has learned his defense belongs in a court of law and no benefit will come from the video being public. The Terpening Followers antics, in defying the court, landed Mike in the klink, it is now time to clean up his act and begin to scrub the obvious effort to punish those who dared come forward in this case.

UPDATE MAY 14, 2012

Sadly, the person Susan Ward Gillihan claims is in charge of the recant video states it is, in fact, Susan who controls the video. She continues to deny having control of the video and refuses to remove it from Youtube, despite requests from the person in the video.

Final thought