Michael terpening uncovers sex ring? Does he have the inside scoop or just a bold faced lie?

This one is hard to understand. After accused sex offender Michael Terpening spoke out on his Facebook page March 14, 2012 in the earlyMichael Terpening Sex Ring

 morning hours, he followed on later in the day with the comment to the right.

A man sharing this writer's last name was recently sentenced for criminal sexual conduct in the 2nd degree. Without specifying the relationship, the Terpening Followers, on Katie Rucinski's blog have suggested the 25 year old felon is a relative for whom this writer has some responsibility.

Terpening goes on to allege this writer has been questioned in a child sex ring relating to the case.

The man in the case Terpening mentions was sentenced to serve 210 days with credit for having been in jail for the last 135 days followed by 60 months probation.

The story makes no mention of any sex ring.

In a post later on March 14, Terpening says this writer (see lower image)  is on bond, even saying, "He calls me all the time trying to talk to me" and makes allegations of stalking.

Mike Terpening On Bond CommentThis writer cannot help but wonder how Michael Terpening, who's accused authorities of persecuting him, suggests he knows anyone is being questioned in a child sex ring case when the media has not reported the information? And why would Michigan State Police be questioning someone when the case is over?

What is going on with Michael Terpening? Why the sudden, explosive interest in the work of this website? Why make up stories your own Followers cannot possibly believe are true?

What is coming, Mike?


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