Growing investigation of michael terpening or follower hype?

The stories continue on the efforts of the Michael Terpening and the Terpening Followers to manage the information getting to the public. A new gambit, now, visitors to the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page are treated to so called, "breaking news" over and over and over, again...but are they being honest?

This incident  to the left leaves us waiting for more...What did the Michigan State Police do when they arrived on site? Did they seize something? What did they say? What did they want? Or was this just slamming the cops for no good reason?

More importantly, Mr. Terpening has publically said he cannot discuss much of anything with his children. He's also said his oldest son, one he names in this story, is severely mentally disabled. So what possible reason is there for the little guy to be afraid of the police? What is he hearing and from whom is he hearing it that he would be scared?

In the next image below can we clarify there is no police agency called, "The Barry County Police"

Could it come as a shock to Mr. Terpening and his Followers questions were raised about tax forms? Second, this website, with the help of Susan Ward Gillihan, has raised questions about how Earth Services employees were paid. Maybe someone was paying attention!

Let's be honest, when someone is accused of molesting kids and procuring young men for sexual acts from our society's oversupply of victims of abuse and neglect, we can expect the authorities to take a hard look at your life. Given Mr. Terpening has also been charged, along with his Aunt, Jamie Moore Bell, with insurance fraud it is likely this investigation has a long way to go.

As mentioned above, Jamie Moore Bell, is charged with insurance fraud along with her nephew, Michael Terpening. This post defies logic in that Ms. Moore Bell has some form of legal counsel, either court appointed or self paid at this point in the legal process. It is not illegal for the police to inteview Ms. Moore Bell, but she has surely been advised not to talk to the police

So far as we can tell, other than Jamie Moore Bell, none of these people have publically announced anything about their relationship with Michael Terpening. Is it even believable they are on board with the Followers?

Yet, one wonders what the Terpening Followers are thinking in suggesting there is some need to speak with every employee. It does not seem likely a sexual predator running a child welfare agency would share it with his staff. Do predators ever share what they do with others? Would they tell Aunt Jamie?

Oddly enough, the Department of Human Resources report that shuttered Terpening's private child care agency did mention four employees stating they were aware of sexual acting out toward two male staffers at the agency. (click here to learn more!)

As the case expanded into insurance fraud, as tax records are seized, one can hunch more bumps in the road for Michael Terpening before this case ends.

When the public learns characters like Jen, now the former Terpening Followers, and Jamie Moore Bell busy themselves chasing down victims to sit in cars and recant their story along with good Christians like the Timmons, who judge troubled kids they are supposedly helping, all had access to the special kids at Mr. Terpening's agency;  who cannot wonder what else went on?

Yes, the prosecutor wants every crime exposed. Yes, these people cannot talk to the police without lawyers.

Five victims with criminal charges, two more kids made similar allegations 10 years ago...The prosecuting attorney of Barry County has many questions the citizens of the State of Michigan want answers for, and Mr. Terpening, the questions will be answered regardless of the bizarre acting out of the Terpening Followers.

If he did nothing wrong, what is the problem? Why not welcome the cops showing up every time they show up? Why not give them everything they want?



Final thought