Are we fair to the terpening followers?

Being Fair to the Terpening FollowersSusan Ward ite came into being following the Terpening Follower's appearing on TV, posting vicious comments on media websites and actually naming victims on Facebook.

Mike Terpening, himself, posted information naming victims on his Facebook page and even gave an interview to Laura Adams, the Village Thinker, saying one of the victims in this case is a sexual predator.

Yes, the defendant, went public giving the first, middle and last name to  the so-called Village Thinker and now when that young man's name is googled, the allegations Terpening made against one of the victims is what appears. The people responsible for this website have worked successfully to remove this young man's information from several  sites, including sites where Terpening, himself, posted the kid's full name. The work goes on.

Susan Ward GillihanImagine that kid going to get a job and up comes Michael Terpening's allegations. Do the Terpening Followers really believe people cannot see it was the intention to punish this kid for coming forward? If it was about justice, the kid's first name suffices for the cause. First, middle and last name is about making sure the kid knows there is a cost for speaking out about Mike.

We resolve these matters in courts of law, the winner in our society is not decided by who best abuses his opponent.

Susan Ward Gillihan claims not to be a felon. Having never spoken with this writer she is certain what I know. Twice on this site, I've said we cannot absolutely confirm the record is the same person. Given her history of outright dishonesty, like claiming she helped pay for a mental health examination, it is going to take some actual evidence. I am satisfied with the information as it currently stands, Susie's words are not enough.

Still, isn't is fair to note the woman is a criminal? She's admitted serving underage people at the party leading to Terpening's arrest on bond violations. Ward Gillihan also admits to being involved with creating of the recant video.  Wasn't this part of an effort to manipulate the legal process? It is a crime to obstruct justice.

How about publishing police records? Is this unfair? The very people who tell us they know Michael Terpening is innocent are themselves crime victims. In the case of Jamie Moore Bell, this wonderful mother married a man then on probation for assault with a deadly weapon while she had two young sons in her home. Jerry Bell, by then had two drunk driving convictions and would earn a third a few years later. He was arrested earlier this year for domestic assault on his wife.

Criminal records are public, Susan. You and your friends went out in public and accused the victims of crimes while you have far worse criminals in your midst.

We've gone into Jamie's kids ad nasuem. The information checks out, and Moore Bell communicated with me in a way that went a long way to confirming the information. The fact Susan Ward Gillihan continues to misrepresent what was said just adds validity to the allegations.

If Michael Terpening wants to skip the process of American justice, he'd better put some stellar people with fantastic judgment on the job. Instead of a positive campaign, Michael Terpening seeks to abuse his victims going a long way to validate the claims made against him. Instead of rolling out kids talking about his being a great guy, the public is treated to a thinly disguised clown car operation that lead to his recent arrest, jailing and increased bond.

Do I want to be fair? ABSOLUTELY NOT. There has never been an intention to be fair to abusers like Susan Ward Gillihan. Abusers who refuse to treat every person as they deserve to be treated must be defeated.

The media does not out victims. I asked repeatedly for the Terpening Followers to stop abusing the victims by their full names. These reasonable requests made online and through the Barry County Sheriff's Department following THEIR complaints about this website.

Susan Ward Gillihan, you and your friends demanded the consequences you've earned. We intend to continue to expose your dishonesty, cruel heart toward the victims and the disgusting hate you promote. Evil thrives when good people do nothing and you provoked people who do not choose to quietly observe your abuse of others.

Is Mike Terpening guilty of the crimes he's accused of? I leave that to a jury. Is he an abuser? Read what he said about me, look at the weird allegations he made on his own Facebook page.

Am I angry? Why would I be angry? We are winning, Susie...Hang in there kid, the best is yet to come!

UPDATE May 11, 2012

Allusions of GrandeurSusan updated her blog with the comment to the left. As noted above, the Terpening Followers once claimed they commissioned a mental health examination, from a distance, of this writer. The mental health professional came up with the diagnosis, "Allusions of Grandeur."

Today, Susan posted literary references and dictionary definitions to support the claim.

A little fact to help Susan understand the point of writing about what the Ward Gillihan has claimed. Every single diagnosis in the mental health field comes from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual, known commonly as DSM IV. There is no such thing as, "Allusions of Grandeur."

Of course the answer is far more simple, the Followers lied and they were not slick enough to actually look up a real disorder. In fact, their ignorance of mental health issues led them to screw up using the word, "allusion" instead of, "delusion."

You were caught the minute you did it, Susie. Next time if you want to make it up, at least do it right...Oh and by the way, no psychologist or psychiatrist would do a work up you folks said occurred, and those are the only two professions who could do such a work up. Who is going to risk losing their license for what would have been malpractice.

Just for the record, as well, Ms Ward Gillihan, the reason I do not accept you are telling the truth about your criminal record is not because anyone is irked at what you do, abusers abuse and no one should be surprised by your abuse. It is the refusal to be be honest. What possible reason is there to believe to you are not already a convicted felon? It's your name, Susie, and you've proven dishonest even when caught.

Come on kids, we know you lied. Fess up.