The other fire at a terpening owned property in february 2012

June 11, 2012

2nd Terpening fire in February 2012When the reporting began on this website back in January, family members reported fires in the life of Michael Terpening. The decision was made, at the time, not to publish the past rumors since no charges were ever leveled in the past occurances.

And let's be clear, there are presently no criminal charges filed against anyone in any of the fires, at this time.

When the fire was reported in February, there was no evidence it was a Michael Terpening property until the Terpening Followers published information about the fire on the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page.

The Followers removed the posts just hours later and Terpening's sister Keri filed a complaint with the Barry County Sheriff's office shortly after this website published images of the burned home.

We've since found Mr. Terprning controls a number of property through unregistered land contracts, a perfectly legal practice. However, it is common in Michigan for people buying homes on land contracts to register their purchases with the appropriate county.

As Jen, a former Terpening Follower continues to process some 5,300 messages exchanged with Michael Terpening it has been established that Terpening controlled the property involving what is actually the first fire at a Terpening property in February 2012. The person living at the home is none other than a former employee of Terpening's non-profit group home, Christy Smith.

In another strange twist the registered property owner, who would hold the land contract, is a man whose last name is Burdick. Burdick's sister is the psychologist who oversaw the treatment of the kids at the Earth Services, House Next Door program.

Below is the 911 call made by Smith...

According to Jen, the former Terpening Follower, Mike Terpening told her the insurance company did not pay off the other house that burned and both he and his wife were subjected to 2 hour interviews about the later fire.

Again, it is very important to note no charges have been filed in either fire. We have been unable to locate any information to share how either fire was ruled by authorities. A local insurance agent indicated in cases of arson, especially in rural areas it is often the insurance company who conducts any investigation reporting findings to authorities where appropriate.

If Mr. Terpening or someone representing him wants to shed some light on these fires, he is welcome to provide authoritative documents which will be published on this website in their entirety.

The other fires? Mike's mother's home burned about 15 years ago while Terpening was present, and in 2003 the home Terpening lived in burned, as well.