Bellevue village council member hannah coy 

Michael Terpening's latest and, perhaps most bold, Follower doubles as a member of the Bellevue Village Council. Hannah Coy appeared out of no where on the WWMT website armed with much of the information used for attacks on this writer by former Terpening Follower Jen. Hannah Coy, Bellevue Village Council- Michigan

First, though, one common trait seen in the Terpening Follower's movement is the utter contempt for discussion and abuse of anyone who does not fall in line. A friend of Hannah Coy, Maria, comments on her Facebook page raising some questions in the case. Terpening's mother's half brother, Tom Barrus, reads Maria's post and responds with the usual Follower personal attack, even telling Maria to, "f/o."

Maria raises her feelings on the issue of Mike Terpening's innocence with dignity, linking to the Department of Human Services Licensing Report detailing some of the allegations of abuse while expressing concern for Terpening's wife and children. Hannah Coy ignores the personal attack by Tom Barrus and responds with the false allegation the prosecution was removed from the case due to, "unethical acts." Apparently the village councilwoman didn't know, or did not care to honestly share, the prosecution, themselves, left the case by their own petition, rather than litigating unproven allegations made by Mr. Terpening. (see link below Hannah Coy Friend Attack Goes Undefended by Coy)

This website has repeatedly posited the culture of the Followers is not to discuss information, it is to abuse anyone who does not agree with their position. Hannah Coy allows her friend to be viciously attacked on her Facebook page saying nothing to the attacker, or removing his comment.  In fact in a follow on post, Coy says, "I will support Mike and his family until the day I die!!!! I will stand behind them always!"

Councilmember Coy, does not stop at failing to ask people to respect her friends, she uses information gathered from the web to attack those who do not share her feelings about Mike Terpening. Hannah Coy on the attack

No, Hannah Coy, who is elected to responsibly manage the Village of Bellevue along with other council members,  takes her support of Michael Terpening much farther.

The now removed screen shots of posts on a WWMT story about charges being dropped against Mike Terpening's 12 year old son, which also appeared on Coy's Facebook page, Hannah Coy, buy first, middle and last name identifies a poster on the site. She also adds the person's birthdate.

Hannah Coy goes on to criticize the writer with barely clever misleading commentary about this website and its writer.

A home supposedly owned by Terpening caught fire and a story appeared with images on this website. Newspapers regularly publish images of burned homes, and this website, following a call by a Terpening supporter to the Barry County Sheriff's Department, volunteered and did publish the enire image showing the image was not taken on the property.

No one was accused in the story on this website of anything untoward. This website does not control what people may post in the comments section of the story, so attributing those comments to anyone other than their source is not fair. If people are civil their comments are welcome.

Incredibly, Hannah Coy  goes on to accuse the writer of being, "a fake fraud man" after earlier telling readers, "I feel for you,Hannah Coy Threat Against Writer

 mental illness is nothing to mess around with and you need help."

In a post on WWMT later that night, Ms. Coy, entrusted by the voters of Bellevue makes an extraordinary comment. The comment contains what she believes to be the writer's house number then says, "I have you now Xxxxx!"

The house number is actually wrong, it is a former home address Mike Terpening and the Followers began posting online the same day, in the case of Michael Terpening, actually giving people a Google map to the home. When the writer asked Hannah what she meant by the comment, her comments end.

Hannah has since deleted the comments from Facebook. We are left wondering if this is the caliber of person the good people of Bellevue truly want managing their village? Does a person who attacks so viciously her deserve that trust? Is a person who does not think to ask one friend not to abuse another someone we should believe if she wants us to see it her way about Mike Terpening?

The Followers pursue a policy of personally attacking anyone who disagrees with their positions. In the end the trial of Michael Aaron Terpening will be about the alleged crimes, not the alleged evils of those who choose not to agree with Mike and the Followers.

Hannah Coy Until the Day I DieHannah has since deleted all the comments she made on Facebook, after posting the comment to the left in response to the friend who questioned Mike Terpening's innocence.

Hannah Coy Warning

Update 2:57 PM 2/18/2012

While we can never firmly identify anyone posting comments on this website, when people post comments on this site they are given the option to include their email address, although it is not required. The person submitting the comment, above, did use the email address at one time visible on Hannah Coy's Facebook page.

While the identify of this person cannot be confirmed, Hannah Coy posted this information on the WWMT website, of her own volition. She also posted information on her public Facebook, "Wall." To anyone posting anything on or through Facebook, it may be helpful to read the terms of use agreed to when signing up.