Revenge on Jen, former follower fails...

Terpening claims website is virusThis website got some attention January 17, 2012 when the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page reported just before 9pm, "Michael Terpening, Earth Services, Child Molester or Victim? DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE, IT'S A VIRUS MADE BY THE PROSECUTION!"

If we were the prosecution, why  build a website with a built-in virus? Wouldn't we want to use our corrupt skills to convince folks you are a child molester? This website asks questions and makes observations.

Is it ever a winning strategy to assume your own supporters cannot discern when you are making it up? Does Mr. Terpening prefer hyping people over providing real information about the case? The diminishing, "likes"  on his Facebook pages says a lot about the level of support for the cause of Michael Terpening.

Stunningly, we see  allegations of threats against Rodney appear on the Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page, the witness who ostensibly recanted his testimony on Youtube. If there are any threats against any Rodney why is this not being reported to the authorities? Terpening states in the 3rd image below, "Rodney Rxxxxx has been threatened. This is a TV interview he did with Ch 3 because nobody would listen to him"

Mr. Terpening, could you be any more self serving? The kid is threatened and  you skip straight away to the self serving part of your message? What is being done to ensure this young man's safety? What if posting the information online creates a greater concerns for Rodney's safety?

Update 2/23/2012

Mike Terpening and the Followers continue with the allegations of hacking against this website. Most recently, Mike, himself complained of hacking on his Facebook page, where he ostensibly posts what he thinks is the home address of this website. (Click to read!)Troubled Chipmonk Hacking

We also found the comment to the right from, "Troubled Chipmonk," whose first name is Katie. (We are withholding her full name at this time.)

Katie reports her, "profile" was hacked after commenting on this site. What Katie does not know is the comments section is not actually part of this website, but is powered by Intense Debates, a highly respected provider of forum tools. This website is hosted by Wild West Domains, a subsidiary of and uses their servers to power the web site.

Needless to say if we wanted to plant nefarious processes in the website, we would have to get past the security of these two respected companies.  We would also face serious state and federal criminal charges.

Terpening Hack

Hacking or Hyping The Michael Terpening Sex Case