is mike running the followers?

When Michael Terpening was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting teenagers placed in the group home he led in Barry County, Michigan theTerpening trial delayed court issued a, "no contact order" preventing him from having contact with certain people. When charges were added  for both Mr. Terpening, and his aunt, Jamie Moore Bell,   the court ordered the two to have no contact with one another. This past February 2012, the court granted the prosecutors request for an order gagging the parties to the case from discussing the case.

It was interesting to see Jamie Moore Bell announcing the court hearing for March 9, 2012 was canceled because the judge was sick given the court only opened at 8:30am. As this was the Family Court case, Moore Bell would not be informed of anything directly.

Yet, the Followers called for a rally and clearly getting the information to the Followers is obviously a big priority first thing in the morning for the hearing canceled only 20 minutes earlier.

Terpening Coordination Rally March 9 2012A call for the rally occurred (see image to the left) on Dennis Lawrence's Bethany Christian Bethany Facebook page on March 6, 2012 at 10:02 PM. Follower, Katie Rucinski posted support for the rally just 2 minutes later at 10:04pm. In the minute between the appearnce on Lawrence's page the same, word for word notice appeared on the Justice for Michael Terpening facebook page.

In the image below, we capture a screen shot of Michael Terpening liking the first posting of the notice of the March 9, 2012 Court hearing. It took Mr. Terpening, at most 51 minutes to, "like" Lawrence letting people know about his upcoming hearing seeking to remove the lawyer representing his children in the family court case.

It seems unlikely either Mr. Lawrence, or Jamie Moore Bell have are checking court schedules which are not currently available online in Barry County.

In an earlier story, this website ran on the recant video taken off one Youtube account and reappearing on another we learned Jamie Moore Bell admitted being responsible for posting the video again.

 In that story it is clear, between 1am and 3am Jamie first posted the video then Terpening posted the video on his Facebook page making a comment to the effect the prosecution made the witness lie.

Isn't Mike smart enough to, at least, try to make it look like he is complying with the court order not to discuss this case and not to have contact with witnesses and his fellow defendant in the insurance fraud case, Jamie Moore Bell?