what's next for mike's wife while he's locked up?

Michael Terpening told the Department of Human Services he would appeal the revocation of his license to operate his group home. Mr. Terpening allowed people to attack his alleged victims. Terpening told us the investigation was corrupt. There were recants, and Terpening Followers called witnesses liars in a court house hall way.

In just the last couple of weeks, sources tell us Mr. Terpening was telling his Followers the charges would be dropped at a hearing in May.

Last week, his bail went up to $750,000 cash and Terpening remains jailed on the charges he said would be dropped.

Reality must be setting in; or is it?

Mike's wife is now in charge, or is she?

Will this separation give her a dry run at life without Michael?

We've documented the public abuse Mike heaps on others? Did he over control his wife, too?

Mrs. Terpening, a 25 year old with 8 children, has a chance to imagine life without Mike....What is your advice?

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