recant...Is Mr. Terpening really not guilty, or is this another stunt?

A key witness in the sex abuse case of Michael Terpening took to the airwaves and the internet stating former Earth Services leader, Michael Terpening did not sexually abuse him. Rodney, we do not use victim last names, is believed to be Resident A, as identified a Department of Human Services facility licensing report, who kicked off the investigation leading to the eventual arrest of Michael Terpening  for abusing young men in the care of Earth Services, a child welfare agency Terpening led in Barry County.

The so-called Justice for Michael Terpening Facebook page posted this letter January 18, 2012. We've only redacted names, not the poor grammar and positioning of periods  on the Facebook page. Importantly, Rodney claims, "In July of 2011 I went to see Joe Eldred, Michael Terpening's attorney. I made a statement at that time, under oath and notarized" He goes on to say, "In September I was called to take the stand against Michael Terpening, they (the prosecutor) continued with their threat of perjury charges. Finally, Rodney tells us, "With the threat of Prosecution, I told a lie under oath on stand."

This statement  raises questions about the credibility of the so called, "Justice for Michael Terpening" Facebook page  and the defendant, himself.

Terpening Comments on Recant, Adds Information

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