Susan Ward Gillihan admits to tampering?

Susan Ward GillihanI've asked this question before, "One wonders what goes through the mind of someone like Susan Ward Gillihan?"

When we began this website project in early January Susan Ward Gillihan has been an amazing font of information with what has become a predictable pattern. First, she gets outraged, then she defends herself and finally she deletes whatever she's posted online for the entire planet to see in her own words.

Well, maybe not the whole planet, I am told Syria and North Korea do not have the same kind of internet access as the rest of the world, but you get the point.

Ward Gillihan was the person who provided the information leading to real questions about how employees were paid at Earth Services. Were they legally paid as the employees? Or did Mike cheat them?  Susan Ward Gillihan was on the job helping our cause to get the truth out!

Susan Ward Gillihan does it again!Just recently, our favorite felonious granny, "helping" to clarify the facts of her St. Patrick's Day party, admitted not only to hosting the party with a witness and 5 children present with Michael Terpening in violation of his bond conditions,, but when on to admit to serving an underage person at her soiree.

Now in her outrage to our call for Mike Terpening to remove the formerly recanting witnesses recant video from Youtube, the brilliant legal mind that is Susan Ward Gillihan's now admits to having had control of the video and admits to causing it to be posted to the web in its current form.

Apparently, Ms. Ward Gillihan missed the comment the Attorney General's office made in court when they picked up the Terpening cases about allegations of witness tampering. If there was witness tampering, obstruction or other criminal acts in Ward Giilihan's work in posting and production of the video, she surely advances the case of the State of Michigan with her latest admission.

Thanks, Susie,  just make this so easy!

Final thought