Susan Ward Gillihan gets a consult...Wow

Susan Ward GillihanIt's hard to wonder how the woman who hosts the party that sends her friend to jail and gets his bail almost doubled spends any time pondering anything other than why she cannot control her impulse to act out.

Susan Ward Gillihan WondersYet, we are in pursuit of justice on this website and we want to give great credit to our favorite felon and grandma, Susan Ward Gillihan. This website only reports the case of Michael Terpening, while Susie takes action getting her favorite accused child molester cuffed and stuffed for violating his bail conditions. Being big on family, Ward Gillihan even includes her young grandchildren shrewdly using them as bait to get Mike to violate the terms and conditions of the bail conditions set by the court, one of which is to stay away from kids.

Interesting enough, though, we could have saved Susan the trouble of consulting with her daughter on the mental health of the web master. Did she forget they posted on their last now defunct blog they paid for a mental health professional to do a distant diagnosis?

Yes, the Terpening Followers own Dr. Doofenscmhirtz read all the available material, consulted the Terpening Followers and came up with the diagnosis the web guy suffers from, "Allusions of Grandeur."

Of course, this is the diagnosis of a shrink who apparently does not know  the difference between, "Delusions" and, "Allusions." Word is he got his degree from Mike Twerpening University while doing his internship at Moore Bell's Home for Domestic Violence.

Good friends challenge one another to stand tall, so we'll give our ex-convict buddy a chance to do some seriously thinking tossing in a reward of $100 for anything Susan can come up with to meet our threshold.

Susie, what is sad are the silly you games when your entire audience is gone. You have a few sycophants left who, instead of reading transcripts of real testimony by real witnesses just go alone. The days of Terpening Followers appearing on television is over.  You choose to  lower yourself with made up stories and manufactured schemes in an arrogant effort shift the focus from Michael Terpening to the people who stand up for real justice. No truth comes from silly games and lies.

Whatever the truth is about Michael Terpening it's not going to be uncovered by a felon who makes up stories about mental health professionals doing psychological evaluations and is not slick enough to get the diagnosis right.

This website, this writer did not turn you into a joke, it did not make a fool of you. I put a bright light in your filthy corner and let the world have a good, long look. What we see is the common thief who stood before a judge pleading guilty more nearly a quarter century ago with the very same lawyer standing next to her who stands next to Mike Terpening, now.

How much pity I have for you as it seems you've not chosen to grow up in all those years. Just a common criminal running another con, and running it just as bad as you did all those years ago.


Final thought