Susan Ward Gillihan

Would you want this grandmother on your side?

In an exchange on Rodney's Youtube video forum where he recants allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Terpening, observations made about Rodney's weight loss were greeted by a snapshot of Susan Ward Gillihan's character few expected.

"Well if Rodney lived with me he would be eating very well and I certainly would put some weight on him. But that is not the case. Now I would certainly watch what you say about me as a mom, my children are very defensive of their mother. They happen to Love me they also happen to think I have been an awesome mom and are doing their very best to emulate me, which I find an honor. You have no idea who I am as a mother nor do I wish for you to know."

Ms. Gillihan gives one pause...Do we want our children to grow up to emulate us, or do we raise our children to be the best people they can be? Is life no more than a quest to be our mother?

This comment gives light to Ward Gillihan's insistence Michael Terpening is innocent. She speaks  as if it is fact, yet we've not heard Ward Gillihan  is the alibi witness for any of the criminal charges. Must we simply accept Ward Gillihan's,  declaration when it comes to facts as we accept the objective of her children is not to do better than, just emulate their mother?

This mother of 5, grandmother of 11 uses language one may not expect from grandma, Susan.

Referring to a commenter on Youtube, Ward Gillihan said, "but he is DEFINITELY becoming famous for being a "douche bag"..."word gets around in a small, small town, they said he was a dangerous man..."

In yet another pearl of wisdom directed at someone challenging Terpening's innocence this kindly grandmother shares, "·All I got to say about that lady she's got entirely MORE ink than good ole Xxxxx could ever hope for!! Shitty videos!!! LMAO!! Fuckwad!! LMAO!!! rat bastard!! LMAO!!! playing with a mop handle while lip syncing!!!! ROTFIMULMAO!!!!! Go riddle that!!!

Ward Gillihan also shared, "We can laugh at fat drunk people who fall down, it's funny because it's their fault. You amuse us. We find your comments in their stupidity really-really funny"

Much of what Ward Gillihan shares suggests when a line is crossed, the person crossing the line is fair game for vile abuse from this grandmother; leaving this writer with the question, who is this woman to decide to rob people of their most basic human dignity when she's decided they are unworthy of that dignity?

Can't grandma Susan teach Mr. Terpening and the Followers that abusing others is not likely to convince any reasonable person their cause is just?

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