boys court placed at the house next door giving jamie moore bell massages?

Jamie Moore Bell and MassagesThis story has been held for sometime, and sadly when our reporting is over it, hopefully, will reach back to Lansing and the Department of Human Services. Someone must ask how these people got past the folks who issued the first license, how they got past a Supreme Court agency, Foster Care Review Board and all the professionals who signed references for Michael Terpening to get  his first license, then renew the license, apparently to abuse kids if one accepts the case the State of Michigan is prosecuting.

The story has been confirmed by three people that Jamie Moore Bell, who brags in a video about working as many as 90 hours a week, bragged about kids placed at The House Next Door by court order giving her massages. Was it sexual?

Jamie fills in that blank, herself, by telling people the boys were apparently attracted to certain parts of her body as part of her typical joking about the massages. Was it sexual to the boys? We don't know, but apparently it had some sexual connotation for Ms. Moore Bell.

These troubled young people, nearing the point where they age out of the system and are about to face a rough existence after placement were ordered by courts to live at the House Next Door. Leaving could result in arrest.

And the kids are massaging Jamie Moore Bell?

Final thought