last motion hearing, terpening lawyers lay egg, case is going foward

Michael Terpening May 23, 2012 motions hearingMay 23, 2012

We are awaiting more specific information from the hearing  today. At present we know the hearing was not completed today and will continue on June 18, 2012. However, the court did deny Michael Terpening's motion to dismiss the charges in the case.

What can now be shared is Mr. Terpening's lawyer subpoenaed your humble web guy to appear as part of some effort to connect this website to the Barry County Prosecutor's office. Of course such claims are silly. The only contact with the prosecutor's office was for the purpose of getting documents pursuant to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. The prosecutor has no choice but to release the documents and to release them in a timely fashion.

Still, can you imagine Barry County Prosecutor Tom Evans thinking to himself, "Hmmm...tough trial ahead, I am going to call Rob the web guy who sells guest checks to save my case by leaking information to him..."

I did not appear, instead, retaining and sending counsel to represent my interests.

In America we do not use the power of courts to remove people from their lives. For me this would be nearly an hour's drive for what is little more than using a subpoena to intimidate and harrass. Michael Terpening is accused of awful and serious crimes against kids with nothing. Some of the kids are virtually homeless today, others struggle with hideous issues; and if those kids can stand up to the likes of Michael Terpening, how can this writer do less?

This writer seeks no battle with Michael Terpening, as usual it is just another failed stunt to intimidate this website into silence. To use the courts is disgusting, and it will not stand...The good news? Keep up the stunts, Mike, it just makes the site more popular.

Check back for details as we get them!