Day four-witness intimidation returns as followers publish names on the web, again

Michael Terpening 2003 Arrest

Sadly Mr. Terpening and his cult like Followers have returned to publishing the names of the young men who've stepped forward as victims to testify against him on their Facebook page despite court orders prohibiting this conduct by Terpening or people working on his behalf. This is the character of an innocent man?

With just 11 people sitting in the gallery yesterday it would seem Michael Terpening is not even the most popular defendant these days. His case is so mundane it does not keep the Terpening Followers attention as they hang out in a near by conference room or wander the grounds of the court house.

Resident B,  Rodney was in the court house yesterday and was seen by Terpening Followers.  His testimony is expected soon, possibly today. This morning the Terpening Followers began their assault on Rodney on Facebook.

Last year the Terpening Followers scored what they thought was a major victory in the case when Rodney repeatedly recanted his allegations against Michael Terpening, even accusing Brian, the first accuser in the current case, of being in a conspiracy to make these allegations.

Mr. Terpening, we've already heard, in testimony,  had something do to with the recanting in a much as the recants was apparently orchestrated, among others, by Terpening's maternal aunt, Jamie Moore Bell. According to testimony yesterday by Christy S, Terpening contacted her regarding the case and told her he expected the case to end while trying to get information from Christy about what was going on in the case last December.

One of the problems with the so called recant is it has plenty of information we now know to be false causing one to wonder who was manipulating whom? Was Rodney really manipulating Terpening Followers when he signed a letter presented as a recant? What about the video he did in the back of the car? As this website pointed out, at the time, some of the information in the recant video may, more directly, point out manipulation by Terpening to get the case dropped months ago and also told us there may actually be DNA in this case as the recant tried to explain the presence of DNA and how Rodney came to lead Troopers to the DNA.

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