What's next, the Terpening MachinE rolls  on...

December 22, 2012

Michael Terpening Arriving PrisonMichael Terpening has arrived at prison.  He is inmate number 859537 for at least the next 10 years. His earliest release date is October 7, 2022 with a maximum discharge date of October 7, 2027.

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Did you think this is where the story of Michael Terpening ends? If you did you'd be wrong. What the trial exposed was the Terpening Followers, or what the prosecutor called, "The Terpening Machine" has a depth and reach far greater than this website has been reporting.

So as the jury trial in family court looms on the horizon on January 21, 2013 for Michael Terpening and his wife, and as the trial for charges of first degree criminal sexual conduct come up in May 2013 this website is tacking a bit.

To date the reporting has focused on the loudest, and some would say strangest, Terpening Followers. The position we've held has been to answer those people who came into the public domain intimidate to witnesses. In the case of the young man whose reporting of allegations against Terpening kicked off the investigation leading to his arrest, the work of Terpening and his Terpening Followers resulted in stories and other content with the young man's name appearing on the web. A simple search of his name once resulted in finding Michael Terpening accusing his victim of being a sex offender.

The work of this website exposed the people publishing the information and almost all of it has been wiped from the internet. The young man, the hero, who first reported Terpening's sexual abuse in May 2011 can now go on with his life without having to explain Michael Terpening to those who may look him up on Google.

The trial and recent events, however, have shown us Michael Terpening not only had a clown car running around defending him in the persons of people like Jamie Moore Bell and Susan Ward Gillihan.  Nope, there were others, and they may have been working harder to undermine the case of the People of the State of Michigan versus Michael Terpening.

Moving forward this website intends to open the door to the rest of the Terpening Followers and the Terpening Machine. If you thought they were done, you'd be wrong. As the saying goes, "You ain't seen nothing, yet" when it comes to what was going on behind the scenes...and what is going on right now.