Terpening smiles for the camera- Keri Whiting's shame


Kim Tungate, Jamie Bell, Mike TerpeningMichael Terpening is smiling for the camera's in recent pictures in his recent move to a prison in Mukegon County.

Looking spiffy in his stylish prison blues with orange stripes, the convicted child molester enjoys some time with his mother, Kimberly Tungate and her sister, his aunt, Jamie Moore Bell.

Yet there is always more to the story when it comes to all things Terpening....

Terpening's sister, the recently married Keri Terpening Whiting, gets her picture of Mike with a big smile, too....But Keri knows how to edit and crop her picture with her sex offender brother...

Keri and Mike smile big, and you can see the same trees in the background of the this picture, but the Keri Terpening Whitingimage is closely cropped and Mike is properly posed so the orange stripe of his prison uniform does not appear in this picture.

And we get to see a comment from Terpening Follower and defender, Hannah Coy.

Hannah Coy dropped out of site a few months after this website began covering her support of Michael Terpening's coordinated online attacks of his victims.

Is Keri Terpening Whiting ashamed of brother Michael Terpening?

Keri Terpening Whiting along with sister, Ryon Ann Keeler once beat up MIchael Terpening's first known victim according to testimony at Michael Terpening's trial....They beat a then 13 year old girl whose mother called the police following her sharing what Terpening did to her.

Update 8/16/2014

Normally, I do would not follow up but I have to admit to being slightly amused when it was shared  this story reached Mike Terpening's family. Can you believe they are still checking out this website?

Word from inside the family is folks are feeling irked.

Criticism of the prison picture  touched a nerve and now we have a different picture of state prisoner and child predator Michael Terpening courtesy Keri Terpening Whiting.

Keri Terpening Whiting Facebook Michael friends

Michael Terpening smiling for the camera for what must have been almost 2 years ago, or more, with his sisters Ryon Ann Keeler and Keri Terpening Whiting wearing a Hooters T-Shirt?

Perhaps your humble correspondent is a bit of a prude, it is difficult to imagine wearing a Hooters T-shirt while hugging people you respect and taking a picture to save it for all time.

The irony of Michael Terpening sporting a Hooter's t-shirt of all things...

HOOTERS? Really, Mike?

Keri Whiting Terpening, Michael Terpening, Ryon Ann Keeler