Terpening sentencing today

December 13, 2012

Michael Terpening 2003 ArrestMore than a year after his arrest in August  2011, Michael Terpening faced the judge today getting a sentence of 10-15 years in prison for crimes committed against young men placed into his group home. See some of the local coverage:

Sentencing guidelines called for a sentence of 51-85 months in the case, but the judge in Barry County departed from the guidelines because of Terpening's efforts to cover up what happened, the obstruction of justice the court determined was masterminded by Terpening, the abuse of victims who spoke out starting with a 12 year old family member who is now 28 years old, and the craven nature of going after young men committed to his care by the State of Michigan who required so much and instead were victimized for Terpening's "sexual needs" as stated by the prosecutor.

What this website has said all along is true. The campaign against these kids came back to bite Michael Terpening.

The prosecutor laid out her reasons for her sentence recommendation and why the People of the State of Michigan asked the court to depart from the sentencing guidelines. One of those reasons referred to a letter Terpening wrote the court in which he explained all he would do if given leniency. The prosecutor pointed out Terpening never once mentioned a victim.

Before letting Terpening speak, the judge denied his enrollment in a program that would allow him to serve his sentence in jail and possibly leave jail after about a year.

Then Terpening spoke. From showing no emotion before speaking Terpening began crying and begging the court to let change its mind on the one year program. At one point in the weird exhibition Terpening, still trying to make his case for the year long program said, "I don't know what more I can do to..." at which point a victim in the audience spoke up demanding, "Can't you say you're sorry?"

Terpening went on begging, sat down and returned to the emotionless state apparently never realizing he never once mentioned one victim, took any responsibility for what he did or showed any remorse.  He strengthened the point the prosecutor made only moments before.

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