cowed, terpening sentenced for rape of 10 year old boy and more to come foR Mike? And the court of appeals meets on the first case

March 6, 2014

Michael Terpening Right off, I want readers to know there is another police investigation wrapping up. Details will be shared later.

Michael Terpening was in Carson City Prison appearing for his sentencing by video hook up with the court room in Barry County. His head shorn nearly bald Terpening was quiet and only spoke with directly asked questions by the judge.

Other than "yes, ma'am" or "no ma'am" Terpening stood stoically before the video camera. When he was asked if he wanted to say anything before sentence was passed Terpening only wanted to make sure the court was sentencing within the terms of his agreement with the Attorney General's office. He then added that he and his family wanted to put this behind them.

Terpening made no statement of remorse for raping a 10 year old foster child in his aunt's care more than 10 years ago.

This time the court gallery was virtually empty. Your humble writer was there along with Rodney, one of the victims from the original case, and a friend who has become Rodney's grandmother. (Something truly beautiful has come from this mess.)

Two of the state troopers also appeared, one with a cross on his forehead, it being Ash Wednesday.

There was one woman we do not know in the back who may have been from the media.

On the Defendant's side of the courtroom there say Kim Tungate, Terpening's mom and Keri Terpening his sister. Terpening's father was not in court. Jamie Moore Bell, terpening's maternal aunt and fellow Terpening Follower Susan Ward Gillihan.

Now ex-wife Amanda Terpening was also present in the court room.

No tears this time, they knew what was coming.

The sentence orders Terpening to serve up to 180 months in prison for raping a 10 year old. IT DOES NOT require GPS monitoring as the law did not require monitoring at the time it was committed. It is to be served along side his current 10-15 year prison sentence. Terpening must register for life as a sex offender.

Three judges met earlier in the day on Terpening's appeal of the first case. Terpening's lawyer did not appear and the court had no questions for the Office of the Attorney General. Check back, there is going to be more on that in coming weeks...

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