terpening refuses plea deal, demands dismissal of case, or wants case moved because of this website

The Michigan Attorney General's office offered convicted sex offender Michael Terpening a deal. He is currently serving 10-15 years in prison for abusing kids in a group home he operated. he presently faces two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly raping a then 10 year old foster child of Terpening's aunt.

The deal Terpening refused would have given him 51 months to 15 years to be served concurrently to his current sentence. The offer, in the court records, was to have expired on November 8, 2013.

Terpening has asked the court to dismiss the case for violation of his right to a speedy trial. The state has responded the delays are as result of Terpening's actions and therefore he is not entitled to the case being dismissed.

It seems Mike also wants the case moved out of Barry County due to the publicity caused by this website.

The case is now scheduled for trial in January 2014.