law signed by snyder- foster parents, child care staff cannot have sex with kids 16 and over

December 18, 2012

Governor Snyder has signed the law making it a crime for foster parents and people working with young people placed in facilities including group homes like Michael Terpening's the House Next Door a crime. In Michigan if color of authority could not be proven foster parents and child care workers could have sex with kids once they reached the age of 16.

In the case of Michael Terpening, Senator Rick Jones introduced the legislation earlier this year after hearing many charges could not be brought against Michael Terpening because his sex acts with kids in his care could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt as being under the color of authority. In other words, folks, yes there were more victims you did not know about.

Giant thanks go to the people who stood up against Michael Terpening, once again, for telling authorities about this sexual predator. In 90 days people like Michael Terpening will have the same criminal consequences as teachers who engage in sex acts with their students.

The young people who stood up to Michael Terpening are heroes, they have suffered at the hands of a monster and his family. These young people are true heroes.

Want to see the progress of this bill? Click here to see how it became law!