Terpening's harem?

Michael Terpening 2003 ArrestSince last Thursday I've been puzzling around for a word to describe the parade of young men who've came to talk about Michael Terpening for the prosecution. They are former employees, they are kids from the group home, they are now in the military and to borrow a blunt word from a gay friend who is close to the case, they are all "hot."

Two former employees of Earth Services shouted out to a witness I was walking with outside court, I asked if they'd been kids in the program. To me they appeared about 20. No, I was told they were staff. One later testified to being propositioned by Terpening to have sex with Mike and his wife.

Having worked with sex offenders one of the weird patterns for an offender is they choose victims of very similar characteristics. You can see the pattern just running into the young men testifying in this case in their physical charactertics.

At court I ran into a former employee who was testifying to being offered money for sex from Michael Terpening, something Mike did by text the employee showed others at the time. I was surprised he is heavier and stouter than I would have expected; he did not fit the typical pattern of young men with thin builds. His mom was waiting in a conference while he testified. I've never met or spoken with any of these people. I asked her if he'd gained weight in the last year. His mom chuckled and pointed to the young man's pregnant wife and told me what a good cook his is!  This young man did fit the profile at the time.

I was telling my barber about this story she said it's like Terpening had his own harem. It's the best word I have to describe a man who can visit kids in placement before they were approved to come to Earth Services to serve his allegedly vile purposes. It seems to have extended to the staff, as well.  I know, kind of a "duh" moment, right? But would this criteria enter in your thinking when you hire someone? As someone who has hired people this is just spooky!

Can you imagine being a kid looking for a way out of a failing situation in a foster home or placement and Mike Terpening comes along to choose you for his allegedly disgusting purpose? Or being a young man with a passion who thinks he has a chance to do real good in the someone else's life only to be propositioned for sex by your boss?

I've told people  if Terpening is guilty, what is odd about this case are the number of people who are testifying to what Terpening wanted to do, but was refused. People tell me how smart Terpening is, but I don't see it. If the jury finds he is a sex offender he is the dumbest sex offender I've ever heard of just because so many people he went after refused his alleged advances.

Perhaps Jem the Former Terpening follower said it best when she said, "It's like he thought he was entitled to do these things." If Michael Terpening is found to be a sex offender he will have been caught because of his overblown sense of entitlement to young men in the community finally met reality when what was going on, despite being unbelievably wild, was exposed thanks to two young men named Brian and Rodney who spoke out and became heroes. They just wanted to get their lives together and grow up.