terpening pleads to neglect charges makes deal with department of human services- continues to be parent to 5 adopted, 3 bio kids with one on the way

January 26, 2013

Michael Terpening recently pleaded guilty to a fifth amended "Neglect Petition."

Terpening kidsThe attorney for the Michigan Department of Human Services and Terpening settled the matter. As part of the agreement, the pending divorce case will contain an order prohibiting Terpening from having any contact with any of his children.

So, yes, Michael Terpening will legally remain the father of the five children he adopted from foster care as well as his three biological children. Reports also tell us his wife is pregnant with another child.

What is unclear is what happens when Terpening leaves prison? Ten years from now Terpening will have children well within the age of the group of his victims as we learned in the recent trial.  Terpening and his seemingly estranged wife are the only parties to the divorce action. If Mrs. Terpening refused to enforce the order, or permitted contact with Michael it would seem there is little action available to the Department of Human Services.

In the meantime two criminal cases remain for Terpening who has been moved to the Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility in Ionia where he is considered a security Level 4 Inmate, the Department of Corrections second highest rating.