Terpening Followers petition Congress?

March 30, 2013

Michael Terpening PrisonIn what can only be described as a weird effort, the Followers of Michael Terpening are now seeking signatures online in an effort to petition Congress, the Governor, the President of the United States and others to release Michael Terpening from prison.

Terpening Followers petition Congress?Of course at this point there are only three places Terpening has any hope for for release before October 7, 2022.

Terpening's case is presently before the Michigan Court of Appeals. Should he fail to get relief from the Michigan Court of Appeals he can take his case on to the Michigan Supreme Court. These courts rarely overturn convictions.

The other hope is the Governor of Michigan. Should the courts not alter his sentence Terpening will be able to petition at least two people elected to that office before his earliest release date.

Even were the President or Congress interested in taking on this case, it is a matter for the State of Michigan. The President can pardon and commute sentences for federal crimes. The President has no authority in state cases and certainly the Congress has no authority, although one wonders why the Followers would think putting more light on this issue helps the case.  

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