Terpening Followers may want to be cautious moving forward...

Michael Terpening 2003 Arrest

Terpening Followers should note screen shots of their posts always have dates and times on them when they've appeared on this site. Some of what they post has not appeared on the site, but was saved in the online library where material is easily referenced. For example Katie Rucinski  posted later removed vile comments about this writer I was advised constituted felony stalking taken with other statements she's made online.

I understand some people are hurting today and have been hurting for a long while who believe Terpening is innocent. A good friend who knows how these folks has repeatedly talked me down from taking substantial action. I appreciate her wisdom and have taken her advice.

As the Terpening Followers well  know this writer has taken an interest in people close to the case. These are people who have been victimized and the Followers are making statements they may want others to take as thinly veiled threats; or who knows, maybe they are just acting out in a difficult moment.

My word of advice to the Terpening Followers is you have already crossed the line from free speech to criminal acting out. You have certainly crossed the line where civil action can be taken. The statute of limitations gives plenty of time for the authorites or me to act on what you've already done.

It would be a serious miscalculation to think it is only what you do moving forward which leads to serious consequences. You do not know the red line triggering serious repercussions; and it is a mistake to think you can predict this writer's next course of action. I am one who believes in your freedom of speech as much as my own; but I also believe in decision action at times of my choosing.

I have no way of knowing what is inside your head and you leave a lot of uncertainty with some of your comments online in the past day. I defend and welcome your views on this website where appropriately expressed. However, you have no freedom to abuse anyone. It is a mistake to think you can freely make ambiguous comments some could take as threats only to deny malice later.  Action has been available for sometime. If your current behavior results in someone with a badge or civil process appearing on your door step it will not be an opportunity to explain how you were misunderstood.

I do know the Terpening Followers are hurting today. I encourage you to express your pain rather than strike out. I encourage you to comment on how you feel and you are welcome to use this site to express your feelings if it helps you to process what's happened; although I am not sure this is the best place to express yourselves.