New private paid attorney for terpening...

August 7, 2013

At a status hearing August 7, 2013 Mike Terpening's new private pay lawyer made his appearance.

The court appointed lawyers to represent Terpening in  the case for which he received a 10 to 15 year sentence for the purposes of appeal as well as a separate lawyer for the upcoming capital case in which Terpening is charged with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct involving a then 10 year old child. We understand the court has taken no action to require Terpening to find private counsel in the appeal's case.

Last week the lawyer on the case, as well as Michael Terpening asked the court to remove the court appointed lawyer. The court appointed counsel in December 2012 as Terpening was said to be broke. In a court room empty of any Terpening family member or friend the court appointed another lawyer to represent Terpening.

At yesterday's hearing the newly appointed lawyer was replaced with Robert Hackett. Hackett claims on his website (click here to see Hacket's webpage ) to focus "on cases involving Criminal Sexual Conduct, Mr. Hackett excels in reaching favorable outcomes for his clients, fighting vigorously to have criminal charges reduced or dismissed so that clients can avoid jail time and severe penalties."

Oddly enough a simple search on Google has not turned up any significant cases where Hackett's work has gained him any notoriety.

What does turn up, quite readily, is the fact Mr. Hackett had his license suspended for 2 years following a conviction for a federal crime.

The fact remains the victim in this case told his story at the last trial. The question for the jury is simple, did Tepening twice rape a 10 year  old?

Terpening is now scheduled for trial November 18. Click here to read the Hastings Banner story 8/8/2013

This writer also notes in the event anyone has any information suggesting anything on this website is not factual or factually based, other than readers comments, they are welcome to email  to let me know what is in need of correction.