convicted sex offender michael terpening fires lawyer, goes on rant against lawyer in court appearance in advance of 1st degree csc trial

August 1, 2013

Michael Teroening, facing trial next month on the two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree appeared in Barry County Circuit Court today to ask the court to remove his court appointed lawyer from the case. This case involves allegations Terpening sexually abused a then 10 year old boy. The convicted child predator sported a nice tan having lost 50 pounds as his current lawyer also asked to leave the case only a month before trial was scheduled.

Oddly, the court asked Terpening if he had anything else to say after confirming he wanted a new lawyer. The question apparently provided Terpening with the opportunity to rant about an attorney present in the court room who represents Terpening's biological children in the child protective services case in Barry County Family Court. Terpening accused the attorney of texting information to this website, killing one of his horses, posting images of his children on the web while demanding a "gag order" to prevent the attorney from being in the court room.

The court has scheduled a status conference next week in the case.

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