Do the Followers read the documents?


April 2, 2012

Lawyers for Michael Terpening are coming back to court today to ask for the lawyer appointed by the court to look out for the interests of the 3 Terpening biological children to be removed in the family court case. Terpening is claiming the lawyer has a conflict of interest in that he represented one of the victims in a separate criminal matter as defense counsel for that victim. The family court case is separate from the criminal trials faced by Michael Terpening.

The Terpening Followers, falsely, publicized online the hearing was also to ask the court for more parenting time for Mr. Terpening stating two social workers working with the family were recommending the increase. The information was false, no such request was contained in the written motion before the court and the motion cannot be made orally with no notice at today's 1pm hearing.

However, the issue is moot as Terpening remains jailed unable to raise the $750,000 cash bail required to get out of jail following last week's bond violation hearing.

UPDATE APRIL 2, 2012 2:04 PM

The Barry County Family Court denied Michael Terpening's petition to remove the lawyer for the Terpening's biological children.

Read the court Filings by the lawyers!