November 10, 2012- terpneing found guilty

Michael Terpening 2003 ArrestMichael Aaron Terpening has been found by a jury of his peers to he a sex offender in Hastings in Barry County Circuit Court .  He was remanded to the custody of the Sheriff. His sentence carries with it a mandatory prison term.

Terpening is no longer in a position to hurt anymore kids. This website does not celebrate this verdict, it is a sad day for Michael Terpening and his family.

In fact to his mother, his father Joe,  his Aunt Jamie Moore Bell I offer this sad reality; sexually acting out by teens can usually be stopped by  intervention. These people deserve no small amount of blame for what happened to many kids, and to Michael Terpening this day.

Today our society, by due process of law, removed Michael Terpening from its midst because there was no choice.

We know abusers learn their behaviors. It is highly likely Terpening, himself, was a victim of child abuse. This website has documented and exposed the abuse by Terpening, his family members and friends since January of this year.  The public got to see these people publicly abuse the victims, we got a big helping of what studies tell us likely went on for decades around Michael Terpening. This man was never a leader in child welfare he was a monster and his actions, and those of his family and friends, gave ample proof of what this man was for more than a year following his arrest.

Martin Luther King said, "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice."  The agony of the bend began with two young men, Brian and Rodney, who spoke up. They, along with other victims came forward and told their story even after the cult like followers of Michael Terpening punished them by public, online humiliation and manipulation intended to fool the community into demanding the case be dismissed before any jury got to hear what happened.

 Today, the arc of justice bends over Michael Terpening. His sexual proclivities will infect no others while he is in prison, he will never work with kids again.

Terpening remains to be tried on 2 charges of criminal sexual conduct first degree in an upcoming trial and faces sentencing on this case December 13, 2012. Terpening also faces, along with his aunt, and lead Terpening Follower, Jamie Moore Bell on insurance fraud. Terpening and his wife also face a trial in family court to terminate their parental rights to the five children they adopted from foster care and three biological children.

The Terpening Followers amounted to 10 people today as the verdict was read this afternoon. Katie Rucinski stuck her middle finger up at a victim as she left the court room.

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We must always remember the young people who's lives were forever changed by this man. Victims do not need our anger so much as they need our hearts, our understanding and our willingness to be with them as they find their place in a our world. Each person who came and told the jury what happened to them is a hero.

God only knows how many will not suffer at the hands of this predator as a result of their courage.