November 1, 2012 Terpening to take the stand, prosecution rebuttal begins

Michael Terpening 2003 ArrestThe Terpening Followers have been going wild demanding people contact the media, what they are not saying is Michael Terpening is scheduled to take the stand in his own defense!

We will have more information as it becomes available. We'll be posting again around 11:30AM. The Hastings Banner publishes today and I'd expect their to be their usual great writing on available on their Facebook page later on today , see the link below!

Hastings Banner article November 1

This link is more information from the Hastings Banner, for some reason their website does not have the full story you will find here.

Click here for WOOD TV Coverage of Terpening taking the stand from this morning!

Click here for coverage from WOOD TV this afternoon.

As of 3:30 closing arguments were continuing with jury instructions expected tomorrow morning at 8:00AM

In an interesting aside, Linda Timmons was warned by the court today, following yesterday being removed from the court for mouthing answers to a witness on the stand that she will behave herself or she will suffer the consequences. Timmons also threatened the assistant attorney general while testifying on cross examination for the defense yesterday.