October 30, 2012- Day 7 AG rests, defense begins

Michael Terpening 2003 ArrestThe prosecution has rested and Terpening's defense began today.

Jeff Van Nortwick, a Barry County Commissioner, who lost in the republican primary in August, testified today for the defense. Van Nortwick states he helped with distribution of the Rodney  recant video to the media and government officials.

Van Nortwick is currently waging a write in campaign, although his website does not report this information a number of people have written letters to the Battle Creek Enquirer in support of Van Nortwick. He is running for office.  During cross examination Van Nortwick admitted that the defense attorney told him what to say in court.

Jeff at this year's old fashioned Charlton Park 4th of July Apparently Mr. Van Nortwick is the third and highest ranking elected official who feels the jury cannot judge this case without his assistance.

As the assistant attorney general was cross examining VanNortwick, she asked "You are telling me that as County Commissioner you support that pervert over there?!?" as she pointed to Mr. Michael Terpening.

For more information on Van Nortwick's bid for office as a write in candidate, read the story from the Hastings Banner when you click here!